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West Coast Wonders

April 10, 2019
By Isabella Ruiz-Rivera's School

West Coast Wonders!

By, Isabella Ruiz-Rivera

I know that many of you have visited the coast at least once. The delicate, dramy sand underneath your feet, while you hear the sounds of the rolling waves crashing, and before you notice, a wave creeps up with a graceful touch of what seems like spring water. The water swims around your feet, then leaves behind an open panorama of elegant shells and rocks, that suddenly become noticed; like if they weren't there before. A while ago the 7th graders have had the privilege of visiting the west Coast of California with their classmates. With many Lavish scene, they experience many of the sensacional places the coast has to offer. They visited the exquisite elephant seals, Morro Bay's clear waters, Montana de Oro´s unique tidepools, and the aesthetic Hearst Castle. The students visited the coast for a educational experience out of the classroom. One of the students said “The trip was geological, biological, and most of all, fun!” (Ellie Gilbert). Another peer, stated “It was a learning experience jam packed with friends and fun!” (Tessa Carney). This Trip included some of the international locations that people from all around the world travel, to see (Hearst Castle). Others are just a pleasure that we are blessed with here in California, to be able to visit whenever we want. All in all the 7th graders trip was a journey not many know and even fewer take; still within school’s curriculum


8th Grade Poems

April 10, 2019
By 8th Grade Students

More entries from the New York Times Found Poetry Contest . . .

Dancing Through Life

by: Tegan Horton

I have prepared to move from the darkness, to tranquility.

To be comfortable on the stage.

Expressing the work of art; Dance.

Exploring Choreography.

Exploring Hope.

Expressing the history and spirituality.

Taking the audience on a journey of hope, worship, and faith.

Creating an experience of kindness, grace, and elegance.

It may take work, rigorous discipline, sensitivity, and strength.

On that stage I must be crisp, sleek, and present.

Dance is an art form.

Separated from the community, yet a strong connection.

Everything I wanted to be as a kid, could not compare to being a dancer.

Be set free through dance.

I Believe

By: Kylie Farias

I’m young.

I believe,

I can do anything.

I believe,

my first kiss will be on top of a castle.

I believe,

my first dance will be like Cinderella's.

I believe, If I kissed someone they will be my prince.

Now I’m a grown up,

My fairy tale did not come true.

My dream was not to be any princess.

My dream changed.

The only thing I wanted was for someone to love me.




by Francisco Alvarez

One day people will see,

Fast food is nothing

Without family.


Together Embrace

The satisfactory dinner

Like it’s a royal engagement.


One day people will see,

An extraordinary taste

Is nothing without family.


The Poem about Icefish

by: Kasper Gailey


The Southern Ocean

Clear as essential oils

In Antarctica


Extinct years like bones

Adapt thrives in death or life

Frigid blood warmer


They’re bottom-dwellers

Live in an ancient ocean

Blood, clear as water


And that is the life

Of the Icefish


Among the Hardest Things

by: Skylar Gutierrez

it is among the hardest things to love her


she was captured by her illness, but he wouldn’t let her go

they were friends, partners, in love


she told him she would live

so he wouldn’t have to say goodbye

goodbye, the emptiest yet fullest of all human messages


days later, he was suffering deeply

she died the night before

the two never said goodbye - because of her


he found a letter she had written

expressing her hopes for their lives

it said “I love you,” it said “forgive me”


but, he wasn’t mad, for she had given him something meaningful


it is among the hardest things to have loved her, but he has no regret  


I am a Drought

By Samantha Holcomb

I am a drought.

There is not much water left.

People are running out.

I am a drought.

This is satisfying the heat, the death, and bare landscapes.

Trees and Shrubs are losing leaves, they are wilting.

The grass is brown and dead.

Barely any water left.

I am a drought.

Animals are dead, We’re out of water, People are dying,

Scorching fires began to spread

This is an emergency.

Time is running out.

For I am a drought.



She has a voice

A voice full of care and love, suffering and frustration

Her desire to be Famous...

not a well-beaten path.

She’ll find her way through the world and write us a postcard,

Left this town with the world heavy on her, yet an ecstatic grin on her face

“You’re not coming for me, I’m coming for you” she said to her new life

She’ll figure it out fine

we’re just swimming around this old town like sharks

What if she had let this chance go?

Her life would be different

What if her life won’t be good enough?

She has faith.

It will be out of the ordinary. She’ll be Famous.


War & Peace

By: Patrick Oliver


The Borders brought disasters.

The borders brought war.

War what is it good for?



Poor leaders persuaded us.

Society brought war.

War, what is it good for?



We must create peace.

Politics can’t.

Borders can’t.

Only YOU can.

Peace, what is it good for?




What You Want

by Olivia Beno

Grabbing attention.

Naturally glowing.

Evolving future.

Promised bonds.

Delicate binding.

She has that sugary expression.

You want this.





by Omolara Omololu


Students deserve a healthy life

To achieve and grow and get outside,

The school, the stress and comfort zones


Days challenge, pressure, and outperform,

Students who have traumatic storms,

Like shaking and adolescent meltdowns

From teachers and academic workouts


Psychologists find teenagers under pressure

With demanding conditions and no time to recover

Their strength muscle or intellectual loads


despite their:




Students deserve a healthy life.




By: Paige Martinez


She was a good actress

Probably too good.

She did not allow people to see her for who she was

She did not allow them to see her battling within

What if she lost would they care

“Help!” was what she wanted to cry out

“Help, Help!” she cried but not one answered

Like a fire, it scorched and destroyed her

“Does anyone care?”

“I cannot fool myself”

This is where she lost

“Help” what she wanted to cry


NY Times Found Poetry Contest- Fusion

April 03, 2019
By Jay Dillon


By: Jay Dillon


In the older temple,

Spirits walk in the Meiji Shrine

The gate opens for you


An old path, it draws

To the busy streets down under

The peaceful forest


Outside robots walk,

In the streets of Tokyo

The old and the new


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