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K-5th Grade

Elementary (Kindergarten - Fifth grade)

Program Overview
Teachers at St. Paul’s share a philosophy that academics should be active and engaging and that learning is a lifelong process. In the primary grades (K–2), children work toward becoming independent learners. In the intermediate grades (3–5), the students take greater personal responsibility for their learning as they expand, solidify, and demonstrate their skills and knowledge. This is accomplished through the following course of study.

From the early grades, a foundation of literacy is formed. Our English Language Arts program emphasizes phonemic awareness, word-attack skills, and comprehension as students read and respond to quality literature and informational texts. Writing skills, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary are integrated components of this program.

Students learn about math through various modalities, including hands-on activities and models, and both digital and paper/pencil work. In addition to teaching procedures, classroom activities develop students’ number sense and give them a deep understanding of mathematical principles. The emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking skills forms an important framework for future mathematical learning.

Observation and experimentation are key concepts in the lower grades as students are introduced to the scientific method. Students learn to make more complex inquiries and investigate the world through hands-on activities as they advance through the grades. Earth, physical, and life sciences are explored.

This course provides students the opportunity to explore the world beyond themselves and to learn about their place in their families, school community, and greater community. Students look into the past to see how time and place have influenced their present lives. Understanding is enhanced through activities, projects, cross-curricular exploration, and field trips.

Students begin learning Spanish in kindergarten, and everyone continues through fifth grade. Through different modalities, students learn increasingly advanced vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

Fine arts and vocal and instrumental music instill both the confidence and skills students need to express themselves creatively. Specialists in these fields enrich students’ educational experience by teaching specific skills and providing inspiration and support.

In our computer lab, students learn keyboarding and other basic skills to assist with the integration of technology across the curriculum.

Through games and activities, students develop the use and control of their muscles and learn individual, lifelong athletic skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

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