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Yes, to put your child on the waiting list visit the St. Paul’s School Admissions Office and fill out a brief form.  This can be done as soon as you know the start date of your student.

The application process begins in March.  Contracts are sent to current and returning families first.  Following the deadline for returned contracts, prospective students are contacted and assessed.

There is no age cut-off date for children applying to Kindergarten.  The admission decision is based on the child’s assessment.

You will usually be notified of the admission decision within a week of the prospective student’s assessment.

Yes, campus tours are available for all grade levels.

Each child is given an academic assessment prior to admission.

Yes, St. Paul’s School does give preference to applicants who have currently enrolled siblings.

Yes.  Partial financial aid is available upon review of applications, which may be obtained from the School Director.  Students holding financial aid must achieve a grade of "C" or better in all subjects.  All financial aid information is kept confidential by the Financial Aid Review Committee.

All financial aid is generated by donations and fund-raising activities sponsored through the school.  Donations to this fund are tax deductible and are gratefully accepted.